Three Generations of Danes

my-mantle-mama-great-danesMANTLE HEAVEN…  OREO, LIL BIT, & SUGAR BEAR
our three female mantle Great Danes at ROSEDANES HQ

January 2, 2016

We have a large family of GREAT DANES at ROSE DANES– as our Great Danes have produced 67 wonderful Great Dane puppies– Harlequins, mantles, blacks and merle mantles.

from 10 litters and 8 mama Danes. Our breeding effort started in the winter of 1996, when we brought home our wonderful puppy LOLA, who became our foundation mama Dane. LOLA is pictured at the top of the hill during her 12th winter. Lola was highly intelligent, beautiful, healthy, and good tempered and was a wonderful mother. Her daughter MAYA is pictured to the right of the winter scene. MAYA’s daughters are MAISIE to the left and CLEO in the forefront. These Great Danes in the photo of LOLA’s twelfth winter each produced one litter, and became the foundation of our breeding program.

CLEO is mother to OREO


MAISIE is mother to LIL BIT
OREO is mother to 8 puppies
LIL BIT is mother to SUGAR BEAR
Miracle 7 Weeks
MIRACLE at 7 weeks
is co-owned and we hope she fulfills
her destiny as a mother GREAT DANE
SUGAR BEAR helps with pups
and wants to be a momma Dane someday
HAMILTON is LIL BIT’s father and SUGAR BEAR’s grandpaw…
and is now retired as a stud dog.