In Memory of Lola

In memory of lola

“Thank you, Lola,
for 12+ great years”
– Sam Rose

Lola Rose
10/31/95 – 4/16/08

Lola Rose was a beautiful, black Great Dane who lived in Durango for over 12 years. She was Sam Rose’s best friend.  

Some high lights:
1) Lola   was a super athlete trained in martial arts until she almost broke Sam’s arm when she was 1½ years old.

2) Lola could run in her youth as fast as a horse and had a horse friend she would run with every day.

3) Lola loved to play basketball and could run with the

basketball in her mouth from the time she was 6 months old.

4) Lola was an excellent guard dog 24/7, who treed a bear and on another occasion, bit a large bear and chased him away, nipping his heels.

5) Lola was a wonderful mother. She gave her all to her pups and nursed them for 12 weeks.

6) Lola twice rode floats in the Snowdown Parade.

7) Lola was good with children, sweet dispositioned and very friendly to people she knew.

Lola lived life fully, was well-cared for and loved by many. She was healthy, strong, smart, fun and sweet tempered. She is survived by her pet guardian, Sam Rose, three pups and eight grandpups.

Lola was 125 in Great Dane years. She will be missed.