Great Dane Champions

Rose Great Danes come from a long line of champions, including MICHAELDANE/JBDANES, BMW, GMJ, HARLEQUIN ROMANCE, with top European lines— and AKC USA national champions including AJ, SECRET, CLOROX, BULL LEA, POKER and POCKETS and many more!


Rose Great Dane Champions


secret champion harlequin great dane

aj champion harlequin great dane

spy champion mantle great dane

remo champion harlequin great dane

zora champion mantle great dane

pockets champion harlequin great dane

Sly - Father to Sugar Bear

CLOROX, present in all the mama Danes
in the Rose Great Dane Family bloodline.

Clorox Harlequin great dane champion
1st. place, stud dog class and Award of Merit
1993 GDCA National Specialty
owned by our friends Jodie Keim and Michael Chiles

juhree CH Amon Dog Eros Harlequin

“Miracle’s” great great great grandpaw– World Champion 2000
WCH Amon Dog Eros “Buczu”

We are very proud of the champion Great Danes in our bloodlines!

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