Maisie’s and Hamilton’s Great Dane Pups

We are proud of
our litter of Great Dane puppies born May 14th, 2011.

Harlequin Great Dane stud
hamilton great dane stud
Kandi Kains Rhgd Xavier La Vie En Rose

Mantle Great Dane Dam
maisie mama mantle dane


ALL OF MAISIE’S PUPPIES HAVE GONE TO NEW HOMES.Rose Great Danes welcomed Maisie’s and Hamilton’s litter on May 14th of 2011.
Maisie Rose gave birth to three beautiful, healthy pups. Below are the pictures of our Great Dane puppies at about five weeks of age

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Puppy ApplicationRose Great Dane Puppies
Harlequin Boy Pup “Whoops” with his Mama Maisie as he turns five weeks old.
Rose Great Dane Puppies
Boy harl pup is almost five weeks old in this picture. The pups eyes are blue as they open.
Rose Great Dane Puppies
Mama Maisie plays with her harlequin puppy outside in beautiful Southern Colorado.
Rose Great Dane Puppies
Here is SOPHIE “Lil Bit”… with her cousin OREO, the one year old Mantle pup!
Rose Great Dane Puppies
Pups are enjoying their new pillow in their outside pen.
Rose Great Dane Puppies
SOPHIE the Mantle Great Dane pup with her ball… at five weeks.
Rose Great Dane Puppies
Five week old Sophie and Roscoe take a walk in their yard…
Rose Great Dane Puppies
Roscoe with his new family!
Rose Great Dane Puppies

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Call 970-259-1128 or e-mail Sam for more information.

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